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In today’s fast paced scenario, the need for securing your commercial as well as residential premises is important. With the increasing rate of crime, the need for reputed and reliable security services is also increases. Security Guard services Mumbai is amongst the most reliable options when it comes to seeking security services for several purposes. Headquartered in Mumbai, the Security Guard services Mumbai has been providing different types of security services to an extensive list of clientele from different categories all over the country through its well established network of affiliates. Headed by Name, Security Guard services Mumbai has established itself as one of the pioneers in the domain by adapting according to the ever evolving demands of consumers and successfully providing reliable security services. Comprising of a highly experienced as well as talented team, Security Guard services Mumbai invests best efforts in training as well as utilizing the available technology to successful accomplish every assignment that we undertake. It is this consistent endeavour to exceed that has made us one of the most reputed names in the category of security service providers.

Armed and Unarmed Security Gaurds

Security needs of people as well as institutions can be extremely complex leaving no room for error. At Security Guard services Mumbai, we understand these complexities and have accordingly developed a diverse portfolio of services which also include Armed and Unarmed security guards to match these requirements. In some situations, going with an armed security guard may not be possible and you will have to opt for unarmed personnel. The security guards provided by our company are a part of the team that undergoes rigorous training prior to being assigned on any project. Apart from improving their physical abilities, the training also helps them in improving their ability to respond to theft, crime and other such situations in a better way. Therefore even without the weapons they are equally capable of providing optimum security.

Security Van

Security Vans- We provide security vans with armed men for bankers and businessmen. While availing this service of hours you can be sure that you are experiencing the best service available in India.

Bouncer / Body Gaurds

Bouncers and Bodyguards- We provide the strongest of our personnels to protect our customers and their belongings. Our personnels have been trained to protect you from all possible situations in all possible conditions.

Security for shopping malls/ hyper stores

In the last few years, we have heard about several cases of theft, crime and terror happening at shopping malls, hyper stores and similar premises due to their ability to receive a huge number of footfalls from the general population on a daily basis. This makes it even more important to secure such premises and prevent the occurrence of mishaps, doesn’t it? With the state of the art security services provided by Security Guard services Mumbai, mall owners can secure their premises and avoid all such concerns. Additionally, this will also keep the customers happy enabling them to enjoy their outing in a more secure environment.

Dog squad

As part of our security services, we also offer dog squad services wherein a team of trained dogs is given the responsibility of securing a premise. Being well versed with different situations, these dogs are trained to sniff out any signs of danger from amidst a big crowd. Such dog squads are extremely useful at commercial premises like airports, financial institutions and other places where the risk of threat is higher. Being trained, buying these sniffer dogs from our agency saves you the burden of training them separately or hiring a trainer to look after their requirements. This also proves to be a more cost effective option in the long run.

Industrial security

An industrial premise is larger than the usual commercial set-ups and consists of several diversified units. Securing such premises requires more effort in terms of planning and executive. With our experience and expertise, we at Security Guard services Mumbai specialize in offering industrial security programs that help businesses minimize the threat of crime on their premise. We implement a plan of action that is well thought and supported by a detailed analysis ensuring that there are no loopholes. All the preparations and planning is done under the guidance of a qualified team of experts ensuring that the output lives up to the expectations of the customers.

Corporate security

We strive to fulfil our mission of being recognized as a world leader in integrated security services which also include corporate security. Over the last few years, corporate security breaches have witnessed a dramatic rise. Apart from damaging the brand of the business, these breaches also end up causing major financial losses to the organization. With Security Guard services Mumbai security plans, we can help you curtail these breaches and ensure a more efficient security management system for your business. Also, this planning is done in consultation with the client ensuring that the requirements are properly met. Using a multi-faceted approach, we provide the required commitment when it comes to matters of corporate security.

ATM / Banks Security

Financial institutions are at a high risk of being looted or experiencing major security breaches. Therefore, the need to protect them is always evident. At Security Guard services Mumbai, we have a specialized task force that comes with the adequate experience of safeguarding financial institutions like banks, ATM machines, etc. Thanks to their training as well as experience, our experts are able to prepare a detailed security plan that takes into consideration the multiple factors governing the operations of a financial institution prior and accordingly implements the task force best suited to handle the situation. We also provide guards that secure the cash loaded vans that banks need to transfer from one destination to another.

VIP Protection

Celebrities, politicians, film stars, businessmen etc. fall in the VIP category that has to interact with the public very often without any compromise on the security. Security Guard services Mumbai specializes in fulfilling such requirements through its highly capable task force. In addition to the security guards, our agency also specializes in providing integrated security plans that use the latest technique and technology to ensure the safety of the individual. These services are available on a contract basis. Also, the fees charged in such situations depend on the amount of security that the person will require as well as the risk involved.

Residential security

We, at Security Guard services Mumbai, believe that in order to let the residents of a society enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, it is extremely important to secure the premise. This minimizes the risk of theft and ensures that all the residents can enjoy complete peace of mind without getting worried about the security of their personal belongings. From security equipment to trained security guards, we are the one stop destination for all types of security requirements including residential security. Our implementations are backed by research about the area, understanding the society’s perimeters and several other factors that make our plans far more effective as well as efficient. For more details on how we can help you secure your premises, please feel free to explore our or get in touch with our representatives through the contact details mentioned on the website. We will be happy to help!



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